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Founded in 1996, Painting Plus was started by Greg Atkinson, a lifelong resident of Saddle Brook, New Jersey. Greg was a self-employed contractor with nearly 40 years of experience in a multitude of residential and commercial improvement projects. He found himself working again and again with the same strong group of professionals that had his same attention to detail and strong work ethic. Finally, he decided it was time to team up, bring the group together as one, and form GJA Painting Plus, and why not? Happy customers kept asking them back!


Greg and his trusted crew share 80 plus years of experience in every area of home renovation: from demolition, to installations, and customization. Likewise, they share a wealth of experience in commercial improvement and renovation projects. Over the year's GJA Painting Plus has formed a solid team of trained prep professionals, painters and renovators. No project is too big, too small, or too intricate. If you dream it and it's structurally sound, Painting Plus can make it happen.


Over the years our team has grown immensely to meet the growing demand for residential and commercial contractors. We employ only the best, most reliable workers to ensure that each project is guaranteed the expertise it deserves. Over the years we have also developed a strong network of connections with other professionals in the field so there are no restrictions on what we can provide.



Each project is entered into as a partnership between us and the customer. Our primary concern is delivering to you what you dream of. We will never dissuade you from what you desire simply because it is more work for us, and we are always happy to do the research needed to create something new and innovative. We take pride in delivering your dreams and we're not satisfied until you are.


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